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Sandra was born in South Limburg. She was the daughter of two teachers and left home to study Applied Mathematics in Delft at the age of 17. Her career at KPN commenced in 1993, when she was appointed project manager in technical automation. After a variety of management positions in IT, she switched to Human Resources in 2001. At the same time her focus changed from the technical, to people-oriented. During those years, Sandra often dealt with downsizing and terminations. She experienced and witnessed it all from many different points of view, as a manager, employee and change manager. In 2008 she chose to pursue a career as an independent coach, trainer and change-facilitator.


Sandra is convinced that change, both personal and professional, starts with taking responsibility for your own life. This is why her procedure centers on developing self-management. Other characteristic themes of her procedure are the integration of logic and feelings and viewing life from a different perspective (a different perspective = a different way of doing things). She typically counsels professionals (junior and senior) and professional managers from many different branches.


Her other passion is connecting higher education tot the professional world. She offers training and workshops to young scientists and researchers and she teaches at a Bachelor university. In her spare time she studies classical singing and sails the open seas with her husband and daughter.