DSC08349rev-198x300Sandra de Koning (1968) has a degree in Mathematical Engineering. Her colorful professional career has led her along the path of line management, project management and consultancy, as well as operational management, technology and information technology, human resource management and management development. She is specialized in process management, the training and coaching of organizations and individuals towards voluntary change. She also teaches at a vocational college. Sandra is married and has a daughter. In her spare time she enjoys sailing on the open sea, singing and gardening.


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Some of my favorite maxims

  • Life consists of those things that you focus on
  • We don’t see people as they are, we see people as we are
  • Grass will not grow faster if you try to pull it up
  • Life is reaching your own summit
  • Give to others what you would wish to receive from them
  • The eye confirms what the heart sees
  • Do not seek and ye shall find