Customer experiences

From the ST!R-assessment: “Her life and working experience is present in the way she works. She is an experienced coach. She is a skilled analyzer, with a practical, no-nonsense approach, combined with warmth and confidence boosting abilities.”


“Sandra can make the core question apparent in a natural way, by asking the right questions and focusing on the right things.”


“She clarifies connections, thus creating insight into your behaviors and the consequences of thereof.”


“Sandra is goal-orientated in her approach; she is very down-to-earth and has a clear and explicit style.”


“Sandra is relaxed and stable in her interaction with people. She creates structure and offers insight, clarifies situations and offers a view of realistic development.”


“Sandra can analyse situations in a strong and accurate way and has a smooth and pleasant demeanour. She has a multi-layered approach and knows when to focus on what.”


“During her coaching sessions she gives you every opportunity to decide which way you want to go and supports you fully in reaching your goal. “


“Sandra can analyze a situation quickly and accurately. She asks the right questions and listens actively.“


“She understands the art of defining the problem behind the problem. She knows how to differentiate between problems and symptoms.”


“Sandra can get you on track. It’s all a question of internal motivation and allowing yourself to sprout wings and take to the sky.”


“The Time Management training really helped me. Without the training, I would have been left behind. Thank you Sandra de Koning!”


“The training to help me participate in an assessment was very useful. It has really helped me in my job applications.”


“I must say the Time Management training has been ‘life changing’ for me. My daily life is very different now than it was before I did the training. I want to thank you again for this very interesting experience! :).”


Customer experiences with the behavioral and motivational analysis