• Change management, management of organizations
  • Human resources management
  • Technical management, IT management
  • Financial management, process management
  • Personal development, coaching and training
  • Educational theory, higher education
  • Mediation certificate



  • Analysis and structuringkennis
  • Getting to the root of the question
  • Offering content and clarity
  • Petitioning potential and ambition, instilling self-esteem and confidence in others
  • Turning ambition into concrete plans and actions
  • Encouraging self-management and sustainable change
  • Turning day-to-day situations into learning situation
  • Open, reliable, authentic and principled



  • Development of change-trajectories keeping in mind the policy strategy and the successful implementation thereof as seen from the perspective of the company as well as the people working in the company.
  • Bridging the gap between content and process, making a connection between elements and the big picture and between different areas of expertise and activities.
  • Teaching skills and communication to those people within your organization who are traditionally driven by professional content.
  • Mediation skills



  • Coaching and executing multiple large change processes in professional organizations
  • Professional and personal coaching of highly trained professionals in the profit and non-profit sector.
  • Development and coaching of management(teams) in transition situations
  • Training and coaching of PhD candidates and master students at (technical) universities in (e.g.) personal effectiveness and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Teaching and training in higher vocational education in the science of change, communication skills and job application skills.
  • Individual coaching of bachelor students in personal effectiveness.
  • Career coaching and peer-to-peer coaching of higher education professionals.