Behavioral and motivational analysis

A behavioral and motivational profile gives you insight into your behavioral preferences and what motivates you. It helps you to make clear choices in your life and career, to put your trust in your core talents and to develop your personal effectiveness. The behavioral and motivational analysis most ofted applied by KLEUR! in development programs is the TSI – Personal Style and Motivation Profile. After you fill in a code and a number of questionnaires, TSI generates a 40-page personal report. This can then be used as a starting point for formulating your personal development or career steps. The TSI-profiles  are the most comprehensive, the most exhaustive and the most accurate behavioral and motivational profiles on the market today.


Customer experiences with the behavioral and motivational analysis


“Are you stuck and you don’t know where to turn? My name is Derk Veltrop, I work at KPN and I’ve been there. My manager advised me to go see Sandra. After the orientation interview I knew that this was the coaching agency I wanted to work with.


I was in doubt at first. I have been through this sort of thing before: psychological testing, assessments etc. All they ever did was tell me what I couldn’t do, what I needed to work on.


What was different at KLEUR!? You start off by filling in a questionnaire. The result is the answer to some very important questions: WHO you are, WHAT makes you tick and HOW do you come across to other people. If these don’t match up, you’re not living up to your full potential. Sandra has the expertise to teach you how to get back to a state where you are making the most of your talents. In short, she makes you the director of your own life.


KLEUR!’s starting point is your persona, what are your strengths, insight into your own talents and qualities. Of course, you receive tips and tricks to help you deal with certain situations that you are uncomfortable with, or to gain certain skills. Sandra has a pragmatic and professional way of offering you all of this.